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Our 4 Elongated Coins

Here is a picture of all four. We designed our 4 pennies to represent our Itasca County in Minnesota. We have the picture GRACE; picture was taken here 100 years ago. Judy Garland Slippers; she was born here. Central School, historic building, and our own woolly mammoth original drawing; tusks were found here, furthest north [...]

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Marion Brown Oral History Part I

Marion Brown Narrator John Esse Interviewer October 29, 1975 Grand Rapids, Minnesota Marion Brown             -MB John Esse                    -JE JE: This is October 29th, 1975 and were taping this morning up in the First National Bank Building which is presently our office space, and with us today is Marion Brown who is a one time resident [...]

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Sweetgrass III

It was great attending the Chautauqua of the North concert at Sand Lake Township Hall. At first glance, the invitation said, we are holding our third concert this year, come, bring a dish to share and enjoy our music. Well, first we had to find out the time, then check our schedules. I emailed Richard [...]

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August Genealogy Meeting

We had a good time on Thursday August 6th at the Itasca County Historical Society's Genealogy meeting. Nine of us reviewed new hand-outs Leona Litchke brought in on genealogy research sites on the internet. One had 75 genealogy websites focused on states across the USA, while the other was called Sweet 16: Discover the 101 [...]

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Mayor of the Big City of Craig?

I started out writing Pete Weigant, Mayor of the Big City of Craig and that sand “Not exactly right.” His name wasn’t pronounced Weigant as most people called him but We-gant’, and Craig didn’t have a mayor or any other officials, especially law officials, but he kind of acted like the mayor of Craig; and [...]

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ICHS Goes International!

TODAY WAS A FIRST! As you know Jeremy and I take a daily inventory of where our guests are from. This summer has been very interesting. A lot of guests from the southern states are here to escape the heat and drout. Our Canadian Friends have been great, and they still feel that the cost [...]

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Pioneer Doctor

Dr. Tucker was sent for to attend the birth of one of his family, since he arrived late, he charged them only $2.50. When he was called to the birth of another, and arrived on time, his fee was $5.00. For a third child, his fee was paid for, with sack of potatoes. Dr. Tucker [...]

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New today and update For Itasca County Historical Society

Another good week at the Historical Society! We survived the storm! and I'm sure that this storm will go down as one to remember! Some day years down the road some one will ask about information about the storm that hit Itasca County July 3rd and July 4th 2012. (that's what were about) History. First [...]

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Itasca County Historical Society

June was a great month for us here at the Itasca County Historical Society in Old Central School. We celebrated many new Exhibits. One was our new Judy Garland exhibit. It was just in time for the annual Judy Garland Festival. Many fans visited the exhibit from all over the world. Japan, England, Canada, and [...]

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