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Intro – Itasca County’s First Newspaper

The Grand Rapids Weekly Eagle Itasca County's First Newspaper edited by Don Boese The first newspaper in Itasca County was the Grand Rapids Weekly Eagle published briefly in l890. No copies survived, or so it was thought, until during the summer of 1998. The first two issues surfaced in a collection of family materials being [...]

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A Dialogue with President Emeritus Harold E. Wilson

The Wilson Years A Dialogue with President Emeritus Harold E. Wilson with Additional Commentary Itasca Junior College, Itasca State Junior College, Itasca Community College 1941-1975 Conducted, compiled, and edited by Don Boese First mention in the local press had both name and background in error in the Itasca Iron News of July 17, 1941: The [...]

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History of Itasca Community College

Notes on the History of Itasca Community College By Don Boese Across the Range at the turn of the century school districts took very seriously the need to educate the influx of people arriving from diverse places. In our area, in the Canisteo District on the western Mesabi, John Greenway placed particular emphasis on educational [...]

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Voyage to the Caribbean

Voyage to the Caribbean by Don Boese The great Itasca Community College trek to visit the British and American Virgin Islands had been long anticipated by the present and past students and others joining our group of fourteen. Nine of us were to depart from Itasca on Saturday, August 1, l998, and we gathered at [...]

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Rossman and Blandin Correspondence

Rossman and Blandin Correspondence edited by Don Boese Laurence A. Rossman, publisher of the Grand Rapids Herald Review and C. K. Blandin, owner of the Blandin Paper Company, were best of friends. Blandin had served as editor-publisher of two small-town Minnesota newspapers in his early career and that, plus mutual interests in regard to the [...]

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Ethel (Gwin) Deal

Ethel (Gwin) Deal was born August 2, 1924 in Felton, MN, a small community northeast of Moorhead in Clay County. The Gwin family, which included parents Hayden and Nellie Gwin, and children Leo & Ethel, moved to a farm in the Lawrence Lake area of Itasca County in 1929. […]

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“Ordinary People”

Itasca County Historical Society’s mission is to connect people to the history of Itasca County.   In 1948 a group of concerned citizens realized that, in fast-changing times, there was a need to preserve the rich and intriguing history of Itasca County. Thus was formed the Itasca County Historical Society (ICHS). […]

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