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Two Friends

Laurence A. Rossman (1890 -1956) was the most notable and influential newspaper publisher in the history of Grand Rapids. He was born in Chatfield, a community south of Rochester, MN. He worked his way through Carleton College in St. Paul and was outstanding in debate and oration. […]

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Itasca County Cemeteries

My name is Bruce. When I tell people a hobby of mine is photographing grave markers, I get some strange looks and questions like; Why? Well, I started doing it for my family history then I discovered and volunteered to fill photo requests from other genealogists. At Lilah's urging, two years, 11,159 graves and [...]

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Linda needs your help!

I have a project at ICHS that has me extremely muddled. UPM in 2001 gave ICHS a few thousand photographs of the Grand Rapids Paper Mill. The pictures date from the early 1900s through 1969 (Phase I.) Phase II will be the 1970s to the present. Many of the machines, buildings and people in the [...]

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The Curran Family Collection Story

The John Curran family sports collection was donated to the Itasca County Historical Society Friday, Feb. 3, 2012 by Mrs. Sally Curran and her son Allen. The collection covers the years 1940 to 1980, when Mrs. Curran retired from teaching. The treasures

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Report on Genealogy Class

Saturday October 15th, 2 classes were presented by Loid Mackin from the Minnesota Genealogy Society. The classes were sponsored by the Grand Rapids Library Speakers program and the Itasca County Historical Society. Both classes were well attended and even our own professional genealogists learned some really good research ideas. "Off to a Good Start" involved [...]

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Lilah’s Back!

Like the staff and board members have said I could not fully take a 2 week vacation without visiting some museums! The first one was the Air Museum out at Tillamonk Oregon. This museum told the wonderful story of the building of helium balloons for war. It was huge!!! Wonderful stories were told and lots [...]

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WARBA CENTENNIAL JULY 2, 2011 By Dick Ojakangas Hi! I'm Dick Ojakangas. If you are a Finn and want to pronounce it the CORRECT way, it is ______________. Hyv

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