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Marion Brown Oral History Part I

Marion Brown Narrator John Esse Interviewer October 29, 1975 Grand Rapids, Minnesota Marion Brown             -MB John Esse                    -JE JE: This is October 29th, 1975 and were taping this morning up in the First National Bank Building which is presently our office space, and with us today is Marion Brown who is a one time resident [...]

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Mayor of the Big City of Craig?

I started out writing Pete Weigant, Mayor of the Big City of Craig and that sand “Not exactly right.” His name wasn’t pronounced Weigant as most people called him but We-gant’, and Craig didn’t have a mayor or any other officials, especially law officials, but he kind of acted like the mayor of Craig; and [...]

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Pioneer Doctor

Dr. Tucker was sent for to attend the birth of one of his family, since he arrived late, he charged them only $2.50. When he was called to the birth of another, and arrived on time, his fee was $5.00. For a third child, his fee was paid for, with sack of potatoes. Dr. Tucker [...]

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Two Friends

Laurence A. Rossman (1890 -1956) was the most notable and influential newspaper publisher in the history of Grand Rapids. He was born in Chatfield, a community south of Rochester, MN. He worked his way through Carleton College in St. Paul and was outstanding in debate and oration. […]

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Linda needs your help!

I have a project at ICHS that has me extremely muddled. UPM in 2001 gave ICHS a few thousand photographs of the Grand Rapids Paper Mill. The pictures date from the early 1900s through 1969 (Phase I.) Phase II will be the 1970s to the present. Many of the machines, buildings and people in the [...]

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The Curran Family Collection Story

The John Curran family sports collection was donated to the Itasca County Historical Society Friday, Feb. 3, 2012 by Mrs. Sally Curran and her son Allen. The collection covers the years 1940 to 1980, when Mrs. Curran retired from teaching. The treasures

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History of Our Museum Canoe Makers

This is a video of the grandson of Mr. Hafeman who built our birch bark canoe. Just clik on the link and see a new story of the grandson and parts of the Charles Kaualts story from back in the seventies. A Chip Off The Old Canoe

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Itasca County Old Settlers Association

The story of the Life and Activities of the Itasca County Old Settler's Association Written by Allen J. Doran of Grand Rapids, Minnesota who served as President of the Itasca County Old Settler's Association for the year 1950. The Itasca County Old Settlers Association came to life in 1906. No

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