Itasca People

Marion Brown Oral History Part I

Marion Brown Narrator John Esse Interviewer October 29, 1975 Grand Rapids, Minnesota Marion Brown             -MB John Esse                    -JE JE: This is October 29th, 1975 and were taping this morning up in the First National Bank Building which is presently our office space, and with us today is Marion Brown who is a one time resident [...]

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Mayor of the Big City of Craig?

I started out writing Pete Weigant, Mayor of the Big City of Craig and that sand “Not exactly right.” His name wasn’t pronounced Weigant as most people called him but We-gant’, and Craig didn’t have a mayor or any other officials, especially law officials, but he kind of acted like the mayor of Craig; and [...]

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The Curran Family Collection Story

The John Curran family sports collection was donated to the Itasca County Historical Society Friday, Feb. 3, 2012 by Mrs. Sally Curran and her son Allen. The collection covers the years 1940 to 1980, when Mrs. Curran retired from teaching. The treasures

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