Like the staff and board members have said I could not fully take a 2 week vacation without visiting some museums! The first one was the Air Museum out at Tillamonk Oregon. This museum told the wonderful story of the building of helium balloons for war. It was huge!!! Wonderful stories were told and lots to see and learn. We then visited the Tillamonk cheese factory. This was on a Sunday, it was considered their slow day with only 5000 visitors. We waited in line for ice cream.

Second museum was the little log church on the sea in wallport Oregon. It has been totally redone by the local town people and only volunteers open and operate the building. They just love it and are now collecting a lot of artifacts from the local people and are truly going to tell their story.

Third museum was the Lincoln City Historical Society’s museum. The city has given them a grant so they can have free admission to the museum. The attendance has doubled each year. They started the same time as us in 1948, and have the same cuts from the county that we have. I really learned a lot at this museum and hopefully can incorporate some ideas and save our museum some money.

Fourth museum was a historic house and log building in Newport Oregon. They had to cut their hours and is only open 3 days a week. They are on highway 101 and could have a lot more with some marketing and signs. They just don’t have the people to help. It was sad to see.

I hope to share the new ideas and improvements that we can make to our museum.

Monday started out Round-up at Market Place Foods! The first day was over one hundred dollars. If you shop at Market Place Foods please participate and thank the girls for supporting our program. It is hard on some of them to ask for round-up, they give up after getting some no’s, so encourage them to keep asking. We are trying to get enough money for one months rent!

Thursday the collections committee will be meeting and going through the donations from this last month. We are still assessing the Best Family collection, but we have another huge donation and several small ones to go over on Thursday! Fun should be had by all.

We will be setting up the Grand Rapids Indian school display on Saturday for the Class of 1961’s 50th Class Reunion. We are taking pictures out of their yearbook to add to the display.

Projects in the process: fall newsletter!