Another good week at the Historical Society! We survived the storm! and I’m sure that this storm will go down as one to remember! Some day years down the road some one will ask about information about the storm that hit Itasca County July 3rd and July 4th 2012. (that’s what were about) History.

First Friday this Friday. 4-8pm. Here at The Historical Society is Featuring Rapid Blast. (Owner Chris Ryerson) will be engraving the famous yellow bricks for the yellow brick road here at the front of our building These bricks represent people from all over the world that are fans of Judy Garland, the 1939 movie wounder The Wizard of OZ, and The Itasca County Historical Society: Also we will have the very talented Melony Jacobson, face painting. Both youth and adults. This event is becoming more popular every month entertaining for the whole Family. Remember the first Friday of the month. Museum and displays open to all at no charge 4-8pm. And don’t forget to let Jeremy and Chuck where you’re from. Thanks!