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Itasca County Historical Society’s mission is to connect people to the history of Itasca County.

ESCAPE ROOM “Murder in Craigville”
Can you solve the Murder?
Pick your team and choose your hours. The time starts now.
Choose a team from 3 to 8 individuals to come to the Itasca County Historical Society and try out our escape room.
Solve the puzzles, crack the code, and solve the actual murder that took place in the early 20’s.
Open 9 to 5 Weekdays 10 to 4 Saturday. Evening by special arrangements for 6 or more.
$18.50 per person, 6 or more $100.00
Call 218-326-6431 and reserve your hour today.

Aside from collecting and preserving records, the Society performs outreach through traveling exhibits, newspaper articles and other written materials, and educational programs.

The history that the ICHS works to collect, preserve, interpret, and disseminate is YOUR history, YOUR past, YOUR heritage. We hope to continue to serve you for the next sixty years and beyond. We appreciate your support, and we welcome your involvement.