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Itasca County Historical Society’s mission is to connect people to the history of Itasca County.

In 1948 a group of concerned citizens realized that, in fast-changing times, there was a need to preserve the rich and intriguing history of Itasca County. Thus was formed the Itasca County Historical Society (ICHS).

Originally housed in the Itasca County Courthouse, the continued acquisition of artifacts and documents made the move to a larger facility necessary.

In 1984 the Society moved to historic Central School, which it had fought earlier to preserve from a proposal to raze the building to the ground in order to build a parking lot.

In the last several years the Society has been through major changes, hiring a new executive director, and developing new exhibits.

Most recently, the Society purchased and moved to it permanent home at 201 North Pokegama Avenue, previously the “Corcoran Building”. The new location houses the Itasca Museum, Gift Shop, the Karjala Genealogy and History Research Center, and preservation room filled with all it’s objects.

Aside from collecting and preserving records, the Society performs outreach through traveling exhibits, newspaper articles and other written materials, and educational programs.

The history that the ICHS works to collect, preserve, interpret, and disseminate is YOUR history, YOUR past, YOUR heritage. We hope to continue to serve you for the next sixty years and beyond. We appreciate your support, and we welcome your involvement.