Saturday October 15th, 2 classes were presented by Loid Mackin from the Minnesota Genealogy Society. The classes were sponsored by the Grand Rapids Library Speakers program and the Itasca County Historical Society. Both classes were well attended and even our own professional genealogists learned some really good research ideas. “Off to a Good Start” involved 5 tips that continue over as soon as you do all five. Number one: Write down and organize what you know. Number Two: Decide what you want to learn. Number Three: Locate a useful source. number Four: Learn from the source. Number Five: use what you learned. “Taking Your Genealogy Further” continued with the first 5 steps and then going further with Circles of People, Circle of Places and Circles of sources. Both of these classes gave lots of tips on where to go to on the internet and I gave information on our own Karjala Genealogy and History Research Center. Great classes!