This contains the early history of the people living in Splithand east of the Mississippi River. We list these separate from the west side of the river because they were a community apart from the rest of Splithand. The first person to homestead was Pete Tory in the year 1891, followed by Carl Carlson in 1892.

Frank Peters came in 1914 and lived for 18 months. This place was then taken over and homesteaded by Ed Reed in 1918.

August (Gus) Olson came in 1918 and was a carpenter and came to this country from Norway. Gus also ran trap lines every year along the Mississippi River. Gus is known to be the only man that could cross the Mississippi River on a skimmer of ice.

Otte Lienonen came in 1915 and in 1918 his home was used for the school. The teacher was Mrs. Ed Reed. Mutchler settled on the Lienonen place and lives there today.

In 1917 the Pine Grove School was built and the teachers were Mrs. Hammond, Mrs. Right, and Bergit Corbenson, who is now Mrs. Rylander of Bigfork. In 1924 this school was abandoned and the children were transported to Warba School by Henry Vink.

Bert Grey homesteaded in east Splithand, contracted T.B. and died. Jack O